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Let's be honest, it's too much work to keep track of your professional life.
Nodify gives you relevant reasons to stay in touch to the connections that matter most,
at just the right time.

Let us do the work

The Red Sox just won the World Series. Sarah and Matt are huge fans. Why not share the moment?

Heading to New York? Hey, John and Liz landed new jobs there! Why not meet them at Stumptown coffee? They make an incredible cold brew.

Check it out, your former co-worker Paul just got published in Fast Company. Say Congratulations!

Your connections do amazing things. Nodify makes it easy to stay connected when it counts.

Surface your most relevant connections

Quick. Who are your most important professional contacts? Tough, right? Its hard enough being on the move all day, let alone figuring out who you haven't talked to.

We'll fix that by surfacing your most important contacts.

Connect the moment it's useful

Who's my next meeting with? Ah, it's Alice. Last time I saw her was at SXSW last year. Look, she just ran a triathlon too. Nice!

Nodify's got your back with every person you meet.

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